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The Beating Heart of Theatre in Cork

You, our audience and supporters, are a huge part of our success. Thank you for your support!

The Everyman has been a part of Ireland’s cultural heritage for almost 120 years. Our ornate Victorian auditorium is a nationally important structure of rare historical and cultural value.

What makes us tick?

Our vision is to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence for theatre in Ireland and a vibrant cultural centre for Cork. We aim to support and enrich the cultural fabric of our country by delivering an ambitious programme in a beautiful venue that serves the audience of today and builds the audience of the future.
The Everyman aspires to be a beacon of inspirational storytelling and performance, to provide experiences which have the power to alter perspectives and make the heart beat a little bit faster.

We want to make work of high quality, superb production values, with breath-taking performances and with writing that sets the mind and heart alight. For us, that means taking artistic risks, developing exciting partnerships, seeking out compelling collaborations and championing new talent.

This is your cue…

With your help we can create ambitious theatre and support local artists and artwork right here in Cork. By supporting the Everyman you will be contributing to a rich programme of talent development and participation.

The Everyman is a not-for-profit organisation. Each year we face the challenges of low-levels of available public funds, and the consequent difficulty of planning strategically in the long term, as well as the demands that the preservation and development of our historic building places upon the organisation.

You can help us to continue to make great theatre, which reaches as many people as possible.

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