Proscenium Stage

Please note that a Fire Curtain is in operation in this Venue

Pros. Height: 20ft 1″
Pros. Width: 25ft
Height to Grid: 43ft
Wings width: 16ft. S/L
Wings width: 15ft 6″ S/L
Total Stage width: 56ft 6″
Depth of Stage to Fire Curtain: 19ft 6″
Depth of Stage to Centre of Forestage: 26ft 6″

Prompt Corner Stage Right

With Tech Pro Communication System to Control Room, Fly Floor, rear of stalls and intercom to Dressing Rooms.


Stage Dressing

1 set House Tabs (Red)
3 sets of Black Legs
3 black Borders
1 White Cycloth
1 Black Gauze
1 Full Blacks


ETC ion
67, 2.5k dimmers
Given the distance from front of house to the stage, is is not practical or advised to attempt to run circuits from front of house to the stage.
3 5k dimmers

Please note that the dimmers are old so using all 70 dimmers at the one time is not advised.

Additional Information

Distance of LX #4 to Cyc Wall: 3′ 6″
Distance of LX #3 to LX #4: 4′ 6″
Distance of LX #2 to LX #3: 4′ 10″
Distance of LX #1 to LX #2: 4′
Distance of Fire/Iron to LX #1: 2′ 11″

Length of LX #l 3 1′ 7″
Length of LX #2 31′ 6″
Length of LX #3 39′ 5″
Length of LX #4 37′ 7″

All lighting bars are motorised

There are 10 counter weights flying bars which cannot be moved. These are situated as follows:
#1 upstage of Fire Curtain
#2 upstage of LX1
#2 upstage of LX2
#3 upstage of LX3
#2 upstage of LX4

Listing of Circuit Numbers

Note: all circuits are single – no paired circuits

FOH: 1 – 25
LX #1: 33 – 42 (10Cts)
LX #2: 46 – 55 (10Cts)
LX #3: 57 – 66 (10Cts)
LX #4: (cyc) 98, 99, 100 (3Cts)


U/S/R: 77, 78, 79,80 (4Cts)
U/S/L: 73, 74, 90, 76 (4 Cts)
D/S/L: 69, 70, 71, 72 (4 Cts)

Distance of FOH, LX Bar, from Fire Iron: 35′ (approx)
Height of Get-In Door (MacCurtaain Street): 7′ 4″
Width of Get-in Door: 6′ 6″
Height of Get-in Door (U/S/L): 9′ 11″
Width of Get-in Door (U/S/L): 6′ 7″
Distance of row: 11


5 x Source 4 zooms (25º-50º)
5 x Source 4 (26º)
14 x ETC Fresnels
16 x Source 4 zooms (15º-30º)
2 x Source 4 fixed (19º)
4 x 1k Cantata Fresnels
2 x 650w Quartet Fresnels (10º-40º)
15 x 1k Parcans
7 Lui Selecon 1k floods

NB: Due to the busy nature of the venue, we can’t guarantee that every lamp will be working for every get in.

NOTE: All lanterns to be rigged must have safety chain attached.


F.O.H. (Over Balcony): 25 Circuits
LX BAR 1: 10 Circuits
LX BAR 2: 10 Circuits
LX BAR 3: 10 Circuits
LX BAR 4 (cyc): 3 Circuits
Stage Dips: 12 Circuits
(Limited amount of extension cables available)

Please contact the theatre one week in advance of fit up to confirm availability of Lanterns


Please note the PA is permanent install and can’t be moved under any circumstances

4 d+b q7 loudspeaker
2 d+b q-subwoofer
3 d+b d6 amplifer

Ls9-39 digital console

6 d+b max 12 monitors
3 yamaha p5000s amplifier
8 K+M tall boom mic stand
6 K+M short boom stand
32/16 stage box to FOH
20 xlr MIC cables
6 monitor cable.

Limited amount of XLR leads available

Emergency announcement to be played before each performance
Control Room situated at the rear of the Auditorium
Sound Desk situated at the rear of the Auditorium

Dressing Rooms

1 for about 12
1 for about 20
1 showers and 2 toilets available in dressing room areas

The Everyman | Technical Plan




Notes on the Everyman Technical Plan

Flat stage floor, slight undulation. Solid timber with MDF sheeting.

Get-in doors at street level on S/L, with corridor leading to stage.

Ramp from corridor to stage.

Raked auditorium. Pit flat.

10 no flying counterweight bars. WLL, 250kg across bar. 3 Pick-up lines, 40kg max per pick-up point.

Underside of counterweight ladderbars to stage floor distance, when gridded: 12730mm

Length of bars: 10,000mm, with 750mm extension each side available.

Fly floor and loading cradle S/R, access by fixed ladder.

4 no LXP rewired 50mm OD on motorised winch system.

FOH advance bar located above balcony. Single 50 OD tube, 10m long. Access via gantry FOH.

Proscenium height for stage floor: 6085mm. Width 7850mm.

Triangular Moulding on each side of top edge approx 1660mm wide and 2000mm deep.

Restrictions in place re protection of Proscenium and Boxes (listed works).

House Rules

  • For safety reasons all crew working on shows must be experienced, competent crew.
  • All companies, both national and international, must comply with all current employment and safety legislation etc.
  • It is essential that the Technical Manager is notified by email no later than 3 weeks in advance of arrival at the theatre regarding details for get-in and technical requirements regarding fit up, rehearsal, crew etc. (technicalmanager@everymancork.com)
  • For get in days and show calls the Everyman will provide 2 house crew (1 lighting tech and 1 stage hand, we do NOT provide a sound engineer)
  • All companies must submit risk assessments for the fit-up and the performances to the Technical Manager no later than one week prior to get-in.
  • There is a loading bay on the street in front of the theatre. However, due to the busy nature of the street the technical manager cannot guarantee parking for incoming shows.
  • A one foot banning order exists on protected parts of the building, e.g. boxes and proscenium arch.
  • With the exception of the opening night, the Everyman’s nightly crew call will be from 6pm – if an earlier call is required this must be agreed (no later than the previous day) with the Everyman Technical Manager. There may also be a charge on the touring company for this early call. Please note that no member of any production company will be permitted onstage/back stage without a member of the Everyman’s technical staff.
  • Companies must comply with health and safety statement as well as any requests by the Technical Manager.
  • Everything that comes in with companies must be taken away at the get-out.
  • Any company presenting work for children/young people or featuring children/young people as performers must have a child protection policy in place and must forward a copy of this policy & procedures to the Everyman’s Executive Director sean@everymancork.com no later than two weeks prior to get-in.
  • Any company presenting work with live animals must have an animal welfare policy in place and must forward a copy of this policy and procedures to the Everyman’s Executive Director sean@everymancork.com no later than two weeks prior to get-in.
  • Due to previous technicians damaging the Everyman royal boxes and pros, the placing of lighting booms, stands, etc downstage of the fire curtain and in the pit is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking, candles, herbal cigarettes, naked flame, pyrotechnics and other explosives are not allowed on stage at any time.
  • The PA cannot be moved under any circumstances.
  • No eating or drinking at the lighting & sound desk.


Contact Details

Technical Manager  Mark Donovan | Email technicalmanager@everymancork.com

Production Manager Ian Brown | Email productionmanager@everymancork.com

Tel 021 450 1883