Proscenium Stage

Please note that a fire curtain is in operation in this venue – no immovable set pieces are to be placed beneath it.

Pros. Height:          20’1” / 6121mm
Pros. Width:          25’ / 7620mm
Height to grid:          43’ / 13106mm
SL wing width:          16’ / 4877mm
SR wing width:          15’6” / 4724mm
Total stage width:          56’6” / 17221mm
Depth of stage to fire curtain:          19’6” / 5944mm
Depth of stage to centre of forestage:          26’6” / 8077mm
Height of stage from pit floor:          3’ / 914


Stage Dressing

1 x set house tabs (Red)
3 x sets of black legs
3 x 2m borders
1 x full black
1 x cyc
1 x black gauze


Lighting Control and Dimmers

ETC Ion c/w 40 channel fader-wing

88 x 2.5kw dimmers

6 x 5kw dimmers



Please contact the technical department one week prior to arrival to confirm availability of lanterns.

18 x Source 4 zooms (15°-30°)
5 x Source 4 zooms (25° – 50°)
5 x Source 4 26°
2 x Source 4 19°
18 x Source 4 fresnels
6 x Cantata fresnels 1K
2 x Quartet fresnels 650w
25 x Par64
6 x Selecon Lui floods
15 x Chauvet ColorRado 1 TriTour (These are permanently rigged – 5 on each of LX1, LX2 and LX3)



All circuits are single – No paired circuits

FOH Bridge (Over balcony) and perches: 25 circuits

LX 1: 10 circuits

LX2: 10 circuits

LX3: 10 circuits

LX4: 6 circuits

Stage Dips: 16 circuits



Please note the PA cannot be moved under any circumstances


Yamaha LS9- 39 channel mixer – situated at the rear of auditorium


4 x d&b Q7 Mid top
2 x d&b Q Subs
3 x d&b D6 Amplifiers


6 x d&b Max 12 Monitor wedges
3 x Yamaha P5000S Amplifiers
8 x K&M tall boom mic stands
6 x K&M short mic stands
32/16 multicore


Stage Management

Desk stage right

Monitor – camera at front of balcony

ASL communication system to Control room, sound desk and fly floor

3-way q-light system

Intercom to dressing rooms


Dressing Rooms

1 for approx. 12 people

1 for approx.  20 people

1 x shower and 2 toilets available in dressing room area

1 x Green Room with Washing machine, fridge, microwave, ironing board and iron



The Everyman – Plan generic 2 JS 2015 DWG HERE

The Everyman – Plan A4 PDF 1_ 100.dfx_2IN1-1 HERE


Additional Technical Information

Flat stage floor – Solid timber with MDF sheeting

Get-in at street-level with ramp to stage left

A loading bay is situated in front of the building however we cannot guarantee parking will be available

Crossover behind back wall

Raked auditorium, Orchestra Pit flat


10 x counterweight flying bars

  • WLL 250kg across bars, 3 pick-up points, 40kg per pick up point.
  • Length: 10,000mm with 750mm extensions available.
  • 12730mm to floor when gridded


4 x motorised prewired LX bars

  • LX1: 31’7” / 9627mm
  • LX2: 31’6” / 9601mm
  • LX3: 39’5” / 12014mm
  • LX4: 37’7” / 11455mm


FOH advance bar located above balcony, 10m long

The proscenium has triangular mouldings on each side of top edge: 1660mm wide x 2000mm deep


House Rules

  • The Technical Manager must be notified by email no later than 3 weeks prior to arrival at the theatre regarding get in times, crew calls, schedules, and technical requirements. (technicalmanager@everymancork.com)
  • Risk Assessments for the fit up and performances must be sent to the technical Manager or Production manager at least 1 week prior to arrival.
  • Naked flame of any kind will not be allowed on stage without the express permission of the Technical or Production Manager.
  • The pre-recorded emergency announcement is played before each performance.
  • All Crews working on shows must be experienced and competent.
  • Companies must comply with all current employment and safety legislation.
  • The Everyman’s Show call (excepting opening night) will be from 6pm – If an earlier call is required it must be agreed with the Technical Manager no later than the previous day and may incur a charge.
  • Everyman Show call crew consists of 1 lighting tech and 1 stagehand, we do not provide a sound engineer.
  • No member of any visiting company will be permitted on stage without a member of the Everyman technical staff being on site.
  • Companies must comply with The Everyman’s Safety Statement as well as requests by the Technical Manager and Production Manager
  • The Technical Manager and Production Manager have final say on Health and safety issues relevant to stage and auditorium.
  • A charge will be levied for the disposal of anything left behind after the get out.
  • Companies presenting work for children or young people must forward a copy of their child protection policy and procedures to the Everyman’s Executive Director sean@everymancork.com no later than 2 weeks prior to get-in.
  • Companies presenting work with live animals must forward a copy of their animal welfare policy and procedures to the Everyman’s Executive Director sean@everymancork.com no later than 2 weeks prior to get-in.
  • A 1’ / 30mm banning order exists on protected parts of the building e.g. boxes and proscenium arch.
  • The PA cannot be moved under any circumstances.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed at the lighting or sound desks.


Contact Details

Technical Manager: Mark Donovan Email: technicalmanager@everymancork.com

Production Manager: Ian Brown   Email: productionmanager@everymancork.com